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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a very powerful means in order to reach your target audience or potential customers at once. Considering the fact that UAE is one of the top countries in terms of mobile and smartphone users, you will be able to reach your target audience and get your business message known across the country in an instant through the help of our SMS-Marketing UAE. Marketing solutions at the lowest affordable prices.

“SMS marketing continues to be one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with your target audience. The ability to reach your customers on a device that they always have with them is invaluable. But here’s the challenge that many small businesses are running into they aren’t sure how to best utilize this innovative marketing channel to get a solid ROI and grow their company.


The idea of SMS marketing sounds amazing on paper, but unless you’re able to create an effective strategy and execute it correctly, you’re going to lose out on a huge opportunity. Today almost every single person has a mobile phone. The reason why it has become of the popular way of advertising. If you are a company owner or an event organizer in then Bulk short message service will be the best option for you. It is the easiest way of reaching thousands of people in no time. The reason why it is considered time saving and reliable medium in UAE.

Direct and Instant Deliverability

The average time for all mobile carriers and SMS services is less than 7 seconds from send to received. As compared to Email or mobile push notifications where the user must be connected to the internet, SMS can reach a customer on their mobile devices almost instantly. This is one is one of the greatest advantages of sms marketing.

Helps In Brand Reinforcement

One of the major advantages of SMS Marketing is that it helps reinforce your brand among consumers. By engaging them with communication that is in line with the rest of your marketing, you can leverage upon SMS as a channel to stay on top of your customers’ mind.

SMS Marketing is Cost-effective

SMS Marketing is an inexpensive method of communication in comparison to traditional marketing mediums. According to studies, SMS delivers about 1600% return on investment – making it one of the most efficient marketing channels

Solid High Open Rate

According to studies, the average open rate of text messages is a whopping 95% as compared to 27% for email. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand, making it easy to communicate your message to them. Solid open rate is one of the greatest advantages of sms marketing.

Limited Personal Details Required

With SMS marketing, your subscribers can typically choose to hand over as much or as little information as they wish. This flexibility proves to be fairly enticing to consumers in general, as they are in control, and not the other way around.

Good Customer Engagement

With SMS, there is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action as responding to a text message is effortless and takes seconds. Mobile Marketing Association says that people are five times more responsive to SMS marketing than other mediums.